Frequently Asked Questions

What is Le Coffee?
Le Coffee is a unique online coffee boutique with a French touch. Le Coffee is the online store where you get French style coffee. We also offer coffee subscriptions to make it easier for you and have your coffee freshly delivered on a regular basis.

Who runs Le Coffee?
We are a team of French and Kiwi coffee fanatics and have started running our online coffee boutique in 2015. Based in Auckland, we are 100% New Zealand owned & operated, and passionate about delivering fresh, premium French style coffee directly to you.

What type of coffee do you provide and where do you source the coffee beans?
Our coffee is roasted French style, medium to dark roast, perfect for espresso, flat white and other milk based coffee. We have 4 types of coffee and our coffee beans come from various part of the world:

  • Organic FairTrade: a medium to dark roasted blend of three certified organic beans from Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Colombia.
  • Single origin: a medium roasted single origin from Ethiopian coffee beans.
  • Decaffeinated: a decaffeinated medium to dark roasted
  • blend, Brasilian based coffee beans.
  • Le Blend: a French roast, dark roasted blend based predominantly on Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans.

Where do you roast your coffee?
Our coffee is roasted locally in Auckland, New Zealand. Because our professional roaster roasts our coffee in small batches, your orders are immediately packed, dispatched and freshly delivered to your door within 1-4 working days.

Do you have ground coffee?

Yes. When you make an order, simply specify the type of grind you want: whole beans, espresso grind, filter grind or plunger grind (French press).

What type of grind shall I choose?
That depends on the method and equipment you use to prepare your coffee. The coffee grind can have an enormous effect on the way your cup of coffee looks and tastes. If the grind is too coarse then the coffee flavours will tend to be under extracted and you will end up with a weak tasting coffee. If the grind is too fine the coffee will become over extracted and bitter. Espresso machines will generally require coffee that is more finely ground than coffee filters or plungers (French presses).

How do I order coffee?
You can order your coffee directly from our website. Or if you like you can email us at or call us on +64 273 045 732.

Is shipping really free?
Yes. Shipping is free for all fresh coffee of any types to all NZ nationwide addresses, including residential addresses, business addresses, and rural addresses.

Are prices in New Zealand dollar?
Yes, prices are NZD and include GST.

What methods of payments can I use?
We use PayPal as a third party payment processor. You can make secure payments using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro bank cards.

Is the online payment secure?
Your payment information is stored securely. Your account details are only used for fulfilling orders and are not shared with third parties without your knowledge and permission. You will never be asked for your password or credit card information via e-mail. Only you can change your password; do not give out your password to anyone for any reason.

When will my order arrive?
We don’t store or package our coffee before any orders because we deliver fresh coffee. After you have ordered your coffee allow 1-4 days to arrive to you by post.

How can I get in touch?
Use the contact form, send us an email at or give us a call on +64 273 045 732.

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