premium organic coffee

freshly roasted boutique artisan coffee

Freshly roasted boutique artisan coffee. 100% Arabica premium coffee beans and ground. Freshly delivered to you with a French touch.


Small batches

You order your coffee online and we roast in small batches.

Fresh coffee

We deliver your coffee for free to your door and you enjoy it fresh.

choose your coffee

We use premium organic coffee beans and roast our coffee dark, medium or light. The result is a delicious, smooth roasted coffee with a French touch.
Our most popular coffee

A medium to dark roast, delicious, smooth and the favourite blend of our coffee fanatics.


Your coffee blend is just divine - so fresh, aromatic and it has a very smooth taste.


Your French roast coffee has a truly marvellous flavour, I love it.

2021 NZ Artisan Awards Finalist
New Zealand roasted coffee beans
NZ Specialty Coffee Association
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